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Marie Osmond
Adora Bella Series

One name comes to mind upon seeing Marie Osmond's first personally sculpted
character-faced doll... "Adora Belle". Marie is pleased to present a fresh new
concept and event in her line. Meet "Adora Belle", who is a series unto herself,
and whose name best describes her. "Adora Belle" is a wide-eyed cutie who
comes with her own bell charm, hang tag and specially designed box, further
adding to her collectibility and appeal. Marie created and sculpted "Adora Belle"
after a series of doll posters that hung on her wall as a young girl. When it
comes to cute dolls, there's adorable...and then there's "Adora Belle"!

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Adora Belle of the Ball

Item # 48257


Please e-mail or call
602-622-8333 for shipping
cost.  Money Orders only.

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Adora Belle lovers, please don't miss this one!  Sorry I don't have much
 in the way of  description of right now all I know her dress will
likely be an organza overlay  with embroidery all overlay in
shades of
plum, purple and gold. She will have blonde hair.

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