MIDGETOY'S series of 4 trains are not merely toys, but are a part of our
Country's history, depicting famous trains of their time, and have become
cherished by collectors.  The 1860 Western Train (the locomotive with
the funnel stack) was named the William Crooks, and was the first train in
Minnesota.  It was brought there in 1862 by the Saint Paul and Pacific
Railroad, the predecessor line of the Great Northern, which in turn merged
into the Burlington Northern in the 1970's.  The  William Crooks traveled
only the 10 mile run between Minneapolis and St. Paul.  The last time it
ran under it's own power was to the New York Worlds Fair and back in 1939.
It was then completely refurbished and is  now on display in a train museum
in Duluth, Minn. 

1920 Steam Passenger Train from the 1920 era is the New York
Central Twentieth Century Limited.  This train traveled between Chicago
and New York City.  Note the open platform on rear of the observation car.

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The 1940 Diesel Train is the Santa Fe Super Chief which traveled
between Los Angeles and Chicago.  This combination of the diesel
powered Super Chief, along with it's companion train, the El Capitan,
and the New York Central Twentieth Century, which was powered by
the famous Hudson steam engine, created the  fastest mode of cross
country travel before the start of air travel.

     The 1950 Freight Train was modeled after photos furnished by the
Pennsylvania Railroad, which later merged with the New York Central,
forming the Penn-Central System.  Penn-Central went bankrupt
in the  1970's.  It was acquired by the U.S. Government, the passenger
division being absorbed by Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corp. -
started May 1,1971) and the freight division by Conrail, Inc. (started April 1,1976).

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MIDGETOY trains were introduced in the late 1940's and early 1950's.  Each
train measures approximately 18" in length.  They are mounted on non-marring
wheels, and require no track.  All trains are made of die-cast metal, are all in
mint condition, and are packaged under a blister on the original cards. 
MIDGETOY trains are available in both the civilian and military version.

     There is a very limited number of these trains available, so don't delay
and miss this opportunity to acquire this valuable collection, if not for yourself,
how about for your children and grandchildren who will cherish these and
thank you forever.

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