How to find out if a Sex Offender Live Near YOU!!


Unfortunately for some of you, the sex offender lives in your home or has court-mandated access
to your child.

For others, the danger is lurking somewhere... . Is there a registered pedophile or sex offender in
your neighborhood?

"Family Watchdog" will tell you if you type in your address.

Please click: http://www.familywa Default.asp

Dear Friends
See below for excellent child custody evaluator and judicial training in San Diego, CA. If you
know evaluators, attorneys and judges who might be interested, please forward this email to them.
The rest of the September San Diego conference is amazing and well worth attending.

Also, recent Federal legislation has increased tracking of registered sex offenders. To locate
registrants, go to When I found out that child sex offenders live in a
cluster around 3 elementary and 1 junior high school in Davis, CA, I alerted our Assemblymember
in hopes of affecting the situation.
Best, Connie

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