Joshua's Story

This is a story about a 17 month boy I'll call Joshua.  These are pictures that were given to me
by his grandparents so I could tell his story..  This little guy spent 12 days or so in the best
burn unit hospital in AZ.  The top of his little feet had 2nd degree burns.  While in the hospital
they, (hospital staff) found a cigarette burn just above his little belly button and during x-rays
the hospital staff found that Joshua had a healing cracked skull.  I wonder why this small
child at age 17 months had been put through all of this.  His grandparents were asked by the
CPS case worker if they would take Joshua into their home.  They needed a family member
that would take care of Joshua so his burns would have time to heal.  If the grandparents
hadn't taken him in the CPS worker would have to place Joshua in a State bed.  The CPS
worker explained that Joshua could not go home with his mother because she had not
taken Joshua to the hospital right away, she had waited 24 hours to take him (he had been
 abused by his mother's girlfriend).  Joshua's grandparents of course took Joshua.  He had
to have special care on his feet.  They had to scrub them twice daily and then wrap them.
His  grandmother told me that it was not easy as she had to put this little boy through
even more pain to help heal his feet.

It broke our hearts, my husband and I to see Joshua cry like he did, but we knew we had
to do it.  We did not want his feet to scar to much.  As it turned out, 6 or so weeks after
Joshua was released from the hospital, the burn unit also released him.  You did a good
job the doctor told Joshua's grandmother.  His grandparents were to take Joshua to
therapy approx. a month after he was released from the hospital.  After the first week,
Joshua was doing so good by walking, crawling without holding his feet up, kicking
a ball and walking up stairs by himself that the therapist also released him. 

Joshua at 18 months old.

As the story goes on, the CPS worker told Joshua's grandparents they had to take him
back home.  They had given such a special loving care to this little boy.  That was in
March 2003.  This story continues.  In May 2003 the CPS worker calls the
grandparents and tells them that Child Protective Services were going to take all 3
children away from their daughter because of drug abuse and would they take Joshua
as the other grandparents would take the other two.  They gladly said that they would
take Joshua back into their home and into their hearts again.
They also wanted custody of him so he wouldn't have to keep going back and forth, that
is not good for a child any child the grandmother says.  He is a very smart little boy and
needs the right tools to learn with.  With out those tools this little boy will not have the
chance to prosper the way he could.  We have those tools to give him along with
our love she says. 

The picture below is Joshua NOW, October 2005.  The picture was taken at his
Preschool where he learns many different things.  He's almost 3 1/2 now, he knows
most of his ABC's, can count to 10 and can sings songs like "Twinkle Twinkle Little
Star", "The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round", his "ABC" song and more.  His
grandparents love him very much and would really like to see him in a stable and loving
home.  A place where he will be loved and have food on the table every night.  They
also have 2 teenagers that love this little guy and would love to say he's happy and
safe with them.  You be the judge!!!

Update:    Joshua was sent back to his mother on December 16, 2005.  No thank you
from CPS or his mother to the grandparents that took such great care of Joshua.  The
grandparents were allowed to visit with Joshua on December 31, 2005.  They have not
talked to him since or seen him.   WHAT WOULD YOU DO???

Joshua at 3 1/2 years old.

October 21, 2007

I was contacted by Joshua's grandparents the other day.  They filled me in on the situation
with their grandson, Joshua.  Joshua is in all day kindergarten and living with his grandparents once
again.  He came to live with them on June 7, 2007.  This time his grandmother said that Joshua's
mother had quite her job and had to move out of her apartment.  Grandpa said he can stay with us.
Joshua's a healthy happy boy.  His teacher say's he's extremely smart, they just had parent teacher
conference the other day.  His teacher also told grandma that it would NOT be good for Joshua
to be taken out of school before the semester ended to go back with his mother.  Joshua's teacher
also told grandma that Joshua showed her the mark left on his arm from his mother after she
had him one weekend.  Both, the grandparents and Joshua's teacher notice a big difference in
Joshua's attitude after being with his mother.  His grandma told me that it took quite some time
to get him back to where he was when he left in Dec. 2005 on his behavior.

He was left to be by himself most of the time while mom was sleeping.  Grandma noted that
she was to have Josh on a Sunday.  She called to let mom know that she was on her way to
pick Josh up.  When grandma got there, no one answered the door.  She knocked again
and Josh knocked back, mom was asleep.  That was at noon, when grandma took him
back at 7pm. she was asleep again.
What should these grandparents do? 
Does anyone have a suggestion?  If anyone does, please
e-mail me at  Mom plans to take Joshua back again right before Christmas.
Here are a couple of pictures that grandma sent me.

The picture on the left is at McDonalds and the right is showing the mark on his left arm.

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